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2017 Roster

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Zach Elzi
 Simon Castagneri  Cassidy Hickey Aidan Coats-Ballaseux Max Huddleston
Everett Douglas Durbin  Will Mcbryde
Charlotte Backus


  • Mitchell Gray
    Apr 13, 2017., 11:51 •

    Hi my name is Mitchell Gray, I am a sophomore at SIU Carbondale and have been racing since 8th grade. I am now a cat 2 racing for Mack cycling out of Springfield IL. I also raced for the US team in Canada in 2014 at the Tour D'labitibi. The same year i competed at US nationals and participated in several training camps. Last year I had to take a year off due to a broken foot and work but am now back at it. I was accepted to ride for Lindenwood University but chose to attend SIU for their agriculture department. This year I hope to cat up to a 1 and ride for a development team. So now I am looking for a team to ride for but be able to stay in school. I have been in contact with teams such as Jelly Belly and United Health care but both said contact them when i am older. This was about 3 years ago. Now I am reaching out again and hoping to take my riding to the next level. If you can help me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • knapen arnoud
    May 16, 2017., 14:05 •

    Invitation for your riders in Europe (Jacob White) Dear team leader, In Annex (pdf) I will send you an invitation to participate in our Elite Z / C cycling competition and 1.12 CAT Promises. A on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 6.30 pm at Belsele-Waas in Belgium. 810 euro prizes and numerous prizes. It would be fun for the many cyclists to see some of your team's riders coming to the starting line.